Fear and Pizza

Today I’m going to talk about fear: mine, yours, ours as a social collective entity, and how that fear gets used and manipulated.  I’m writing about fear because I was asked to, or perhaps challenged to, by a friend on

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The One Where I Turn in Some Card Somewhere

I have this story about myself that I have often shared privately, but never dared to share in public in this way before. I find it embarrassing, but I can’t fully explain why. I do know that it serves as

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My Christmas Letter

It’s time to come clean. I hate Christmastime. Please do not take this to mean that I hate Christmas in some Scrooge or Grinch-like fashion, that I have a personal objection to the holiday itself. i don’t–it just comes at

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Dying is Easy; Comedy is Hard

I am fortunate, perhaps, to have not had to deal with as much shock and numbness at Robin Williams’ death as I might have at some other time. It has been a very emotional couple of weeks for me and

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Embracing my Inner No-Talent Hack

By nature, I’m actually a quitter. I just happen to be a very pro-active quitter, which means that rather than start something and THEN quit, I quit before starting by opting to not ever try. This makes me feel quite

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Zero Credibility

A math question: What are the odds that I should happen to check Twitter just after reading an article about the role of educators and then happen to have the top Tweet on my feed be the Mankato Free Press reporting

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So Here’s a Funny Story…

Historically, our dog Cody has been a light sleeper. Possibly his Sheltie’s herding/watchdog instincts cause him to spring into action at the slightest sound and bark his head off. Possibly it’s because he’s a doggie a-hole. I have joked for

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