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Zero Credibility

A math question: What are the odds that I should happen to check Twitter just after reading an article about the role of educators and then happen to have the top Tweet on my feed be the Mankato Free Press reporting

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The Need to Know Basis

In 2004, Indiana went big for George W. Bush. A veritable landslide. The opinion sections of Indiana newspapers slammed his opponent, John Kerry, as a flip-flopper. They paraded out Kerry’s measly defenses of “I voted for it before I voted

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An Open Letter to Mitt Romney

Greetings, Mr. Romney, I’m writing to you from my office. Well, it’s not so much an office as it is a really nice chair. Before this chair, I had a really nice computer desk in one corner of the dining

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The Runway of the Damned

Emily stands up like somebody dumped an ice cube down the back of her shirt. She looks at the doll in her hand with some new kind of reverence. “Daddy!” she nearly shouts. “Did you know that Barbies and zombies

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With Regards to Laura Numeroff and Adam Mansbach

If you give some kids a movie, because you really need to get some work done, they’re going to want a snack. If you get the children an unspecified snack, they’re going to dump it on the floor and demand

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Nothing Nice to Say

I hear a pair of common criticisms/complaints/concerns when I write about my kids.  And though they may not know it, those concerns, etc., are related.  Not referring to the kids themselves there, specifically.  The first is that I am overly

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On Heart Palpitations and Geekery

Me: “Did you have fun playing at Sam’s house?” Emily: “Oh yeah, big time.” Me: “What did you do?” Emily: “We played ‘Doctor’.  It was Sam’s idea.” Me: *blink* “Oh?” Emily: “Yeah.  Just Sam was the doctor, though.  I just

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