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Why You Might Unfollow Me in 2017

Those of you who know me even modestly in a social regard know that I’ve been highly focused on the impending era of Trump. Some have suggested perhaps to an unhealthy degree. But I had to ramp up quickly. Even

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Zero Credibility

A math question: What are the odds that I should happen to check Twitter just after reading an article about the role of educators and then happen to have the top Tweet on my feed be the Mankato Free Press reporting

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The Need to Know Basis

In 2004, Indiana went big for George W. Bush. A veritable landslide. The opinion sections of Indiana newspapers slammed his opponent, John Kerry, as a flip-flopper. They paraded out Kerry’s measly defenses of “I voted for it before I voted

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Why You Should Be Happy When I Die

This entry is a little rage-y and a little bitter, but I don’t feel like crafting a consumer-safe container for it. You’ve been warned. I swear that it seems like everybody I know on planet earth can run a marathon.

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Counting the Days

I have, historically, been a firm believer in the concept of “love at first sight,” as dangerous a thing as relationship experts say that belief can be. I’ve made mention of my synesthesia before, and how my perception of life

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Paralyzed By Options

I’m in a rut. Carl Sagan once said that in order to truly make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe. The nonfiction book I’m working on now is like that for me. I only have

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My Writing Process

A few people have asked me about my writing process.  I have a goal of writing at least 2,000 words a day of anything, with a hope of 2,500 or more.  I have relaxed my standard a bit as some

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