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Circle Up

When it comes right down to it, the Internet is basically wall-to-wall bum fights. Motivated by the barest of incentives–a handful of retweets, some upvotes and likes, or maybe just the fleeting rush from delivering a vicious jab of text

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Why You Might Unfollow Me in 2017

Those of you who know me even modestly in a social regard know that I’ve been highly focused on the impending era of Trump. Some have suggested perhaps to an unhealthy degree. But I had to ramp up quickly. Even

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The Need to Know Basis

In 2004, Indiana went big for George W. Bush. A veritable landslide. The opinion sections of Indiana newspapers slammed his opponent, John Kerry, as a flip-flopper. They paraded out Kerry’s measly defenses of “I voted for it before I voted

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No Analogy is Perfect, but Hey, Why Should That Stop Me From Making One?

A couple of my Facebook friends shared a recent blog post by Matt Walsh about dog attacks, and the rest of this post probably won’t make sense unless you read that first, or at least skim it over. Or maybe

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An Open Letter to Mitt Romney

Greetings, Mr. Romney, I’m writing to you from my office. Well, it’s not so much an office as it is a really nice chair. Before this chair, I had a really nice computer desk in one corner of the dining

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