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You There, In the ‘No Fat Chicks’ T-shirt

I had seen this on the Bully Project even before my sister, who lives in La Crosse, brought it up. A man named Kenneth Krause, who had caught the morning news program in that town one day, had this bit

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Paralyzed By Options

I’m in a rut. Carl Sagan once said that in order to truly make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe. The nonfiction book I’m working on now is like that for me. I only have

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With Regards to Laura Numeroff and Adam Mansbach

If you give some kids a movie, because you really need to get some work done, they’re going to want a snack. If you get the children an unspecified snack, they’re going to dump it on the floor and demand

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On Heart Palpitations and Geekery

Me: “Did you have fun playing at Sam’s house?” Emily: “Oh yeah, big time.” Me: “What did you do?” Emily: “We played ‘Doctor’.  It was Sam’s idea.” Me: *blink* “Oh?” Emily: “Yeah.  Just Sam was the doctor, though.  I just

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Keeping My Head Down

This has been an unexpectedly difficult week for me, and even though I knew it might be, I am still shocked at just how much so.  For example, I am up at 1:40 AM right now because I cannot get

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A Detective for Modern Times

Does anyone else remember Encyclopedia Brown? I used to read all these books, and solved a fair number of the cases within, which although targeted at kids usually required a decent level of scientific knowledge, such as understanding the color

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Yo Ho D’oh! and a Bottle of…Um…

So Becky and I saw Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides.  Don’t judge us. It was free. We got tickets by using those Rewards Codes that are inserts in Disney movies, specifically the ones in Dead Man’s Chest and

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