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Circle Up

When it comes right down to it, the Internet is basically wall-to-wall bum fights. Motivated by the barest of incentives–a handful of retweets, some upvotes and likes, or maybe just the fleeting rush from delivering a vicious jab of text

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Zero Credibility

A math question: What are the odds that I should happen to check Twitter just after reading an article about the role of educators and then happen to have the top Tweet on my feed be the Mankato Free Press reporting

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You There, In the ‘No Fat Chicks’ T-shirt

I had seen this on the Bully Project even before my sister, who lives in La Crosse, brought it up. A man named Kenneth Krause, who had caught the morning news program in that town one day, had this bit

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That “Gay Marriage Thing”

One of my wife’s relatives sent me a link to an article that purportedly explains not just why homosexuality is wrong but why Christians make such a big deal out of it being wrong. She wanted my take on it.

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Chin Up over “Head Down”

The response I’ve had to my last blog post has been overwhelming, to say the least.  What went into the computer as a semi-standard late-night brain dump has been re-shared enough times that I can’t even track it. According to

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Keeping My Head Down

This has been an unexpectedly difficult week for me, and even though I knew it might be, I am still shocked at just how much so.  For example, I am up at 1:40 AM right now because I cannot get

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