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2 comments on “Author Page
  1. Christine Tilbury says:

    The tears rolling down my face right now hopefully give you some indication of what I am feeling right now as I read your blog. Still single and still holding on to some of my past as well….It hasn’t been an easy ride, but for fuck-sake, I will not let anything beat me. As I am weaning off the antidepressants that I started at 16 years old-life is good-and only getting better. I hope and pray the same for you Jason. If I am one of those on your list of Bully’s or horrific memories that have caused you terrible PTSD, may karma repay me 1 million fold. If I can ever be of solice or a way to heal or come to terms with life or the past, please please please contact me. Time heals slowly and I am sorry. Christine Tilbury

  2. rbg says:

    From the right on the right and in the right.
    Thanks for quoting me on A15s and the second amendment.
    Nice to be appreciated
    Russell Bellagrego
    I am 75 and pack a 10mm block.

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