What’s A Five-Letter Word For CopyCat That Starts With “Z”?

With the announcement that Zynga has actually partnered with Hasbro to create a HOME BOARD GAME VERSION OF WORDS WITH FRIENDS, that will go one sale soon, the jokes just write themselves.  So I’ll let some out just off the top of my head:

0.) I have that game, it’s called Scrabble.
1.) Are you allowed to try to cram letters into words over and over until you find one that the dictionary likes?
2.) After every play, a cardboard advertisement pops up out of the box asking you to try other Zynga at home games.
3.) Comes with no vowels.  You have to buy those in the expansion pack.
4.) Has a flyer for their new upcoming game: Zynga tag!  It’s exactly like tag, except you don’t actually touch other people — you have to poke them on Facebook and watch an ad.
5.) The game board is made from tissue paper, but you can buy decorative see-through durable plastic game board covers in the Zynga store to put over it.
6.) If you put it in your game closet and don’t play it for over a week, lights turn on and a siren blares until you place a tile.
7.) Advertising campaign: “Like that other game, but without having to actually know words!”
8.) For $100, you can have Zynga add any word you want (like “Xzff”) to the next update of the Official Words With Friends Home Edition Dictionary.
9.) By purchasing this game, you authorize Zynga to come over to your house to watch you play it and suggest words you should play.
10.) Every time you play an awesome word, you are expected to walk outside and tell all your neighbors about it, even if they don’t care.

Feel free to leave your own in the comments:


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One comment on “What’s A Five-Letter Word For CopyCat That Starts With “Z”?
  1. Dawn says:

    agreed, there’s already Scrabble, copyright laws?

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