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The Runway of the Damned

Emily stands up like somebody dumped an ice cube down the back of her shirt. She looks at the doll in her hand with some new kind of reverence. “Daddy!” she nearly shouts. “Did you know that Barbies and zombies

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What’s A Five-Letter Word For CopyCat That Starts With “Z”?

With the announcement that Zynga has actually partnered with Hasbro to create a HOME BOARD GAME VERSION OF WORDS WITH FRIENDS, that will go one sale soon, the jokes just write themselves.  So I’ll let some out just off the

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Chick on Chick-Fil-A Action

That title would be better if I was, in fact, a chick. But despite my being neither female nor fluffy and yellow, the title stays, because I think it’s funny. What’s not funny is the boycott Chick-Fil-A nonsense. I’m not

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