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With Regards to Laura Numeroff and Adam Mansbach

If you give some kids a movie, because you really need to get some work done, they’re going to want a snack. If you get the children an unspecified snack, they’re going to dump it on the floor and demand

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That “Gay Marriage Thing”

One of my wife’s relatives sent me a link to an article that purportedly explains not just why homosexuality is wrong but why Christians make such a big deal out of it being wrong. She wanted my take on it.

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Cheap (Shot) Dates

Recently while skimming the web I came across a list of cheap date night ideas.  Becky and I are always on the lookout for inspiration, but we were disappointed to find that there were few ideas out there that we

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You All Have Someone Like This In Your Life

“So, Jason — you plannin’ on doing any more of them blasphemy writings?” “I take it you don’t approve?” “The Bible just seems pretty clear to me, that’s all I’m saying.” “Well, can I just get your take on something,

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Heaven and Earth Concluded, Parts Five and Six

Is God dead? I ask this as a legitimate question.  The “clockmaker” theory of the universe suggests that a cosmic creator managed to initiate all of creation as we know it, set the rules of physics in place that has

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Just For the Record, I Wanted the Stadium Anyway….

Let us celebrate the passage of the Vikings stadium bill by gazing into the future at the priceless memories yet to come over the next thirty-year lease… 2016: The inaugural game at Home Depot Mortgage Financial Stadium is a bit

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Heaven and Earth, Part Four

Each time I talk to someone who is contemplating suicide (and this has happened more times than is comfortable), I always say the same thing: “What if the next plane of existence is even worse?”  I do get a little

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