Because “Whiz Wiz” Was Already Taken?

Dear digestive supplement people,

Thank you for taking note (and by “note” I mean “buy the contact list off an Internet tracking company that siphoned my personal information through a web browser “cookie” and identified my use of the word “vegan” in a post without seeing any of the usually attached adjectives of “darn,” “damn,” or “God damn” and assume that I therefore must be actively seeking balance of my inner chi but am stymied only by not being able to find herbal supplements that are housed in vegan-friendly materials) of my dietary difficulties and general inability to eat the normal American diet.  Thank you for your frankness and courage in not being too nervous, and yet downright open about the state of my urinary health which you seem to think you have diagnosed in me somehow.  And how fortunate that you are THE ONLY COMPANY with this much of your primary supplemental ingredient designed to aid with both.

However, I think you would go a lot farther in this business if you did not try to convince people that their digestive, intestinal, or urinary difficulties could be solved by massive doses of something called “Bladder Wrack.”

Yours truly,



Author of over sixty children's books, as well writer of textbook materials and standardized exam text. I may have helped teach your children...

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