On Heart Palpitations and Geekery

Me: “Did you have fun playing at Sam’s house?”

Emily: “Oh yeah, big time.”

Me: “What did you do?”

Emily: “We played ‘Doctor’.  It was Sam’s idea.”

Me: *blink* “Oh?”

Emily: “Yeah.  Just Sam was the doctor, though.  I just helped with operating stuff.”

Me: “As another doctor?”

Emily: “There’s only one doctor. Well, I mean, there’s lots of doctors but only one at a time.”

Me: “So you were a nurse?”

Emily: “What? No.  I was me, Emily.”

Me: “I thought you said you helped with the surgery.”

Emily: “What surgery?”

Me: “Didn’t you say you helped with the operation or whatever?”

Emily: “….  DAD!  Not a medical doctor!”

Me: “Then what kind of operation?”

Emily: “You know – of the TARDIS.”


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One comment on “On Heart Palpitations and Geekery
  1. Tom Haynes says:

    I read this and started laughing out loud. When my wife asked what was so funny I read it to her. When I got to the end and saw the blank stare I realized that she isn’t up to date on her geekery. Yes, I had to explain to her what the Tardis was and that your daughter was playing “Dr. Who”. Luckily she knew who Dr. Who was

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