Consumer Tracking for March

I have decided that I am just going to let all my junk mail pile up in one spot and write about it once at the end of the month in one big post.  I already covered most of the interesting ones from March, but there are a couple stragglers.

I’ve already mentioned that I get hearing aid ads all the time because I posted on Craigslist and Facebook about having hearing aid batteries that were the wrong size (for a project, not my hearing).  But I got one that was interesting in that it definitely tipped its hand as to the sort of person they believed me to be.  For one thing, their “$900 off” deal was not in the form of a check, but a coupon, connected to a flyer showing all senior citizens.  Although the fine print said it was not a redeemable item, but rather an advertisement for an offer, I still had to admire their attention to detail to give the truest impression that it was a coupon intended to pique the interest of a senior citizen on social security.  The best part — the line on the $900 “coupon” that said “Do Not Double.”

Also rounding out the month comes one from my wife.  On Facebook she posted about how, after our farmers moved away and we didn’t have ready access to grass-fed beef and organically fed and well kept animals, we find ourselves quickly shifting to a near vegetarian and, for me being lactose intolerant to boot, damn near vegan for many meals throughout the week.  Lo and behold, several weeks later, she gets an ad for a vegetarian weight-loss prepackaged meal program.

So, just a reminder: Facebook is “free,” but it isn’t “free and clear,” if you catch my meaning.


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