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They Say So Much

Becky and I are not big concert-goers.  We are general appreciators of music, and don’t really have that one group or singer who we would drop everything to go and see.  But when we heard that Sir Elton John was

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Because “Whiz Wiz” Was Already Taken?

Dear digestive supplement people, Thank you for taking note (and by “note” I mean “buy the contact list off an Internet tracking company that siphoned my personal information through a web browser “cookie” and identified my use of the word

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Tripping Over Memory Lane

Before I even get started, a folded paper falls out from the pages. It’s a prelude of sorts, an elementary school “graduation” program. All the names from both sixth grade classrooms listed together in alphabetical order. Nearly half the names

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I Like You Dwyane Wade, but Please Shut Up

While quick to point out that he intends to play regardless, Dwyane Wade made all the sports talkers this last week when he hemmed and hawed over the notion that NBA players should get paid to take part in the

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Nothing Nice to Say

I hear a pair of common criticisms/complaints/concerns when I write about my kids.  And though they may not know it, those concerns, etc., are related.  Not referring to the kids themselves there, specifically.  The first is that I am overly

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On Heart Palpitations and Geekery

Me: “Did you have fun playing at Sam’s house?” Emily: “Oh yeah, big time.” Me: “What did you do?” Emily: “We played ‘Doctor’.  It was Sam’s idea.” Me: *blink* “Oh?” Emily: “Yeah.  Just Sam was the doctor, though.  I just

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I Don’t Have a Cell Phone

For the last couple of months, at any rate, yes — I haven’t had a cell phone.  Reasons why in a minute.  I do save money, there is that. But that is not interesting. The more interesting thing about this

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