Starting Small (or Seeing How Much I Can Type Before Children Notice).

I set myself some lofty goals this year, and although one of them was to blog more often, I haven’t been doing it because I’ve thrown my weight behind other projects.  The good news is that all that work is paying off. The bad news is that it’s been hard to report it to people.  There are some things I’ve wanted to say and talk about, but then my inner editor says, “Oh man, that’s going to be a LOOOOOOONG one, and I put it off.  I think I probably went the whole month of February without blogging a thing.  That’s not how this is supposed to work.

I may experiment with posting video updates, where I can simply say what I want to say, probably in a rambling style punctuated by children asking me for a glass of milk, but I think the description is a fair argument for why I haven’t.  Even now, in the five minutes I’ve taken to throw this open and free write, Kirsten has managed to hogtie herself with a pair of Apple earbuds and then fallen off a small chair.

Guess I’ll try again tomorrow.


Author of over sixty children's books, as well writer of textbook materials and standardized exam text. I may have helped teach your children...

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