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Keeping My Head Down

This has been an unexpectedly difficult week for me, and even though I knew it might be, I am still shocked at just how much so.  For example, I am up at 1:40 AM right now because I cannot get

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Adventures in Consumer Tracking

I think I am going to start a new feature called “Adventures in Consumer Tracking.”  This will be where I talk about all of the bizarre stuff that I get in the mail because A.) I research a lot of

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Doonesbury Outrage Flow Chart

Are you offended that someone may have the opinion that a woman should be legally allowed to have an abortion under at least some circumstance? YES ——– Congratulations: you are Rick Santorum.  Good luck in the primaries. NO ——— Continue

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Starting Small (or Seeing How Much I Can Type Before Children Notice).

I set myself some lofty goals this year, and although one of them was to blog more often, I haven’t been doing it because I’ve thrown my weight behind other projects.  The good news is that all that work is

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