Out of My Comfort Zone

I keep being told that I should have a blog. I’m pretty sure that this is because people are too polite to tell me  I’m talking too much. Or because I have days where I treat my Facebook page like a Twitter feed and people are tired of seeing my face on their scrolls.

I’ve resisted the idea because I’ve always wondered what I would make it into. Should I write about parenting?  About writing?  About politics or religion? About food? About film and television? I like to talk about all these things, and lots of the blogs I read are specialized. I often wonder if I can maintain one, much less several, and my interests wax and wane in intensity.  So I’m not going to specialize.

I’ve also resisted the idea because if I am sitting down to write something, it should be something that either does, will, or may get me paid, because that’s what I do, and my writing time already feels limited. I mentioned to a pilot friend of mine that it would be like a commercial airline pilot taking his or her precious day off to go fly a private or personal plane around. Could he imagine them doing that?

His response was, “Well, yeah, if they really loved to fly.”

And I do like to write, and I like to learn.  I learned HTML back in the mid 90s and let that skill slip away.  Maybe I’ll practice here.  I used to write a lot more poetry back in the day.  Perhaps I’ll post that here.  But what I do know is that whatever appears in these columns will be specialized and unified by the fact that they will be things I love. It may be about a new recipe one day followed by a critical analysis of a memoir the next day and a rant about the Twins the day after.

So why do it in a blog?  Because I know that I have had many, many ideas that I later incorporated into later works, writings, and practices that I came to only after free writing in modes like this, modes that I mostly moved away from once I had a steady stream of work to do and get paid for. And if I do it just for myself, in a non-public, unaccountable way, I might not get back to it.

So welcome to the mess.  Don’t worry about taking off your shoes.


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One comment on “Out of My Comfort Zone
  1. Dawn Ortiz says:

    Look foward to it all.

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