To David: I’m Sorry.

With all the talk about Syrians and the fear of ISIS, people might have forgotten that people flee other countries all the time. About a decade ago we received a huge influx from Sudan, including a large number of persecuted

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This is My Life After I Die

  I’ve seen the future and it will be I’ve seen the future and it works And if there’s life after, we will see So U can’t go like a jerk –Prince “The Future” 2016 is the year of dying

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Proliferation of gun violence discouraging people from using gun violence to make a statement, study finds

DENVER, Colo. (AP) The prevalence and daily nature of shootings across America is serving as a deterrent to other mass shootings, so says a study released today  by the gun rights advocacy group New American Riflemen. According to the study, a

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Fear and Pizza

Today I’m going to talk about fear: mine, yours, ours as a social collective entity, and how that fear gets used and manipulated.  I’m writing about fear because I was asked to, or perhaps challenged to, by a friend on

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The One Where I Turn in Some Card Somewhere

I have this story about myself that I have often shared privately, but never dared to share in public in this way before. I find it embarrassing, but I can’t fully explain why. I do know that it serves as

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My Christmas Letter

It’s time to come clean. I hate Christmastime. Please do not take this to mean that I hate Christmas in some Scrooge or Grinch-like fashion, that I have a personal objection to the holiday itself. i don’t–it just comes at

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Dying is Easy; Comedy is Hard

I am fortunate, perhaps, to have not had to deal with as much shock and numbness at Robin Williams’ death as I might have at some other time. It has been a very emotional couple of weeks for me and

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