The Campus-American War

Ted Cruz made mention of the Santa Fe students who were lost in one of the latest school shootings and spoke of their’ “sacrifice” on Friday, a term usually reserved for people who have chosen of their own free will

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Circle Up

When it comes right down to it, the Internet is basically wall-to-wall bum fights. Motivated by the barest of incentives–a handful of retweets, some upvotes and likes, or maybe just the fleeting rush from delivering a vicious jab of text

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Why You Might Unfollow Me in 2017

Those of you who know me even modestly in a social regard know that I’ve been highly focused on the impending era of Trump. Some have suggested perhaps to an unhealthy degree. But I had to ramp up quickly. Even

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Jason vs. the Nanny State

So rather than make the default homemade pizza this week, I opted to treat the kids and go get Little Caesar’s, which is just six blocks or so down the hill from my house. Kirsten begged and pleaded to come

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To David: I’m Sorry.

With all the talk about Syrians and the fear of ISIS, people might have forgotten that people flee other countries all the time. About a decade ago we received a huge influx from Sudan, including a large number of persecuted

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This is My Life After I Die

  I’ve seen the future and it will be I’ve seen the future and it works And if there’s life after, we will see So U can’t go like a jerk –Prince “The Future” 2016 is the year of dying

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Proliferation of gun violence discouraging people from using gun violence to make a statement, study finds

DENVER, Colo. (AP) The prevalence and daily nature of shootings across America is serving as a deterrent to other mass shootings, so says a study released today  by the gun rights advocacy group New American Riflemen. According to the study, a

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